Stuart Cox
Where the real men are
is the brainchild of entertainer and Physiotherapist Stuart Cox. A young man who found himself without his Father at the beginning of his journey as an independent male, Stuart was torn between opposing ideals: to be a ‘real man’ like his Army Officer Father and yet still honour a side nurtured by a household of females. This type of struggle now appears to have deepened for the next generation of men and this personal exploration allows Stuart to comfortably explore the myths and contradictions that we are faced with.




kimKimberley Chan
Kimberley looks after our speakers and partnerships and general behind the scenes matters. She is also a corporate lawyer during the week. Her eye is continually seeking out, and following charm. Art, design, fashion, culture and people are constantly and irrepressibly in her sights. Currently undertaking Vedic meditation studies with teacher Tim Brown, she is focussed on taking the ancient knowledge of Vedic meditation and making it easy to understand, and incorporating it into our daily life.