Inequality and Health


Each morning I scan The Conversation for articles that may be of interest. Some days there may be one, other days I’ll find three. Today, Sharon Friel puts forward a fine piece ahead of the ┬áthe 56th Boyer lecture series which explores the social determinants of health.

The ANU Professor explains to us beautifully the differences in health outcomes faced by a society increasingly separated by wealth. Read the full article here.

It paints a picture which at WTRMA has become increasingly obvious as we explore the social issues of men and women.

It goes beyond gender biases and beyond health. Education level, drug and alcohol habits, incarceration rates and welfare dependency rates are all further indicators that inequality is our main driver of social issues.

As we move more towards an Americanised private health system that offers reduced benefits and larger gap payments, we further distance those on lower pay scales from the services they need most.

Let’s watch with interest as the lecture series begins, as it should provide some ways forward to reduce these disparities that affect so many.


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