Kanye West Another Lost Man Of The Modern Age

Full Review of the Show: http://normalmag.com/reviews/live/kanye-west/skylight-at-moynihan-station/20121024

While the world laughs at the crumbling image of the (self-described) best artist the world has ever seen, I feel pity.

Here in Kanye West, we have a young man who has fallen victim to the external influences making him feel inadequate.

He started as a fresh voice that diverted from the tough-guy persona of late nineties rap and instead embraced topics left untouched by the gangsta contemporaries. With an incredible ear for production, he blended style on style and collaborated perfectly with artists from many genres. Listen here.

It seemed like the young man had found his calling and was going to build a legacy of great albums. Some say he has. These would push issues of modern America to the forefront and allow him to impact on the widest population possible.

He poked fun at materialism yet now finds his own excesses to be driving him to destitution.

Why does Kanye need a fashion label – because P.Diddy created a juggernaut with Sean John? Why does he need to involve himself in music – streaming site Tidal? In order to be a start-up king in the vein of Dr Dre with Beats? Ventures that aren’t proving to be wildly successful, it seems.

We’re at a point now where he is overextending and grasping for attention in every way: claims that Bill Cosby is innocent, that he should be given more money rather than charities for African projects, sexist rants about an ex-partner and that he made Taylor Swift what she is today. The list is much longer than this I’m sure.

He’s stretching himself out of shape to be someone he’s not. This is the fight of the modern man, we are fighting ourselves to become the men we are not. We strive to be richer, musclier, brash, bold, fearless and emotionally controlled because that’s what we’re told we need to be. Kanye’s just caught in the game too, despite being a wildly successful musician.

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