Manhood Defined By Mens Magazines

As part of my analysis of modern media we look at the fledgling world of Print media, and in particular the three most popular mens magazines: Mens Health, Esquire and Mens Fitness. Enjoy this light (and enlightening) video that just shows us how absurd and specific the overall themes of these magazines are.




Kanye West Another Lost Man Of The Modern Age

Full Review of the Show:

While the world laughs at the crumbling image of the (self-described) best artist the world has ever seen, I feel pity.

Here in Kanye West, we have a young man who has fallen victim to the external influences making him feel inadequate. Read More




Where The Real Men Are – Pilot Video

After twelve months, countless hours getting up to date with mens’ issues and a considerable investment in our favourite cafes, Kimberley and I are glad to bring you the first glimpses of what a longer-form video of Where The Real Men Are may look like.  Read More




Why Do Men Turn To Violence?


In light of the news of another one punch (coward punch) death over the weekend, I feel it is more than time enough to see where these impulses come from and why men turn to violence as an appropriate course of action.

While I understand the incident happened in the wee hours of the morning in a clubbing district, this should not be used as support for nanny-state restriction on licensed venue opening hours. Lately, this seems to be the knee-jerk reaction to violence of this kind.

It misses the big picture, which is where do men get the idea that this is good behaviour to engage in? This is where we need to be investing our time. Read More




The real men of rugby


Young males tend to look toward sport for their heroes. Men of physical prowess, wealth and exceedingly exposed in the face of modern media. When I look back at my own experiences I looked to the great Australian and West Indian cricketers of the 80s, State of Origin Rugby League players, Champion Wallaby Rugby Union players and the Michael Jordan-era stars of NBA basketball.

Were they good role models? Are they real men?


As athletes most certainly yes, but as men I began to respect them less as the years went on and I recognised them as less than superhuman. As the media exposed them further many were far from the upstanding, holier-than-thou image that I’d had in my head.

When it comes to modern sport, few teams if any have been as successful as the All Blacks Rugby team of New Zealand. While many can look at their training and youth development streams as their driving forces, the best article I’ve read on their team ethos and culure is this one by Irish Sports Psychologist Keith Begley. I recommend everyone read it to see how grounded this world-leading organisation is and how it puts them in great shape to be effective role-models for all.

The primary objective is to make them better men first, so they will be better All Blacks.