The Gender Education Gap No One Is Discussing


After recent fantastical reports about the number of dropouts among Tertiary students being as much as one third, I felt a little extra reporting should be done to see how well our boys are doing in this NAPLAN-defined period of Education. So I sat down, scoured what I could find from the internet resources and came up with a rather condensed commentary.  Read More

What Is A Real Man? What Are We Told?

In conjunction with our Street Art campaign, we breakdown the common perceptions of what makes someone a Real Man in Australia. Are only some people top blokes and real men? Are all sectors of society represented? Is it time to redefine our criteria? Stuart Cox delves into what the media throws at us as real men and as typical Aussie blokes.  Read More

Are Superheroes Real Men?

In our latest media analysis we ask the question of our ever-present and super successful Superheroes – are they real men? They make up some of the most popular films of all time and there are more sequels in the planning, so they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.  Read More

The Men of Instagram

Today we look at the social media phenomenon that is Instagram, and its most popular males. With 300 million users and over 30 billions photos posted, it is growing quicker than an Under 10s rugby player. We analyse what they’re posting and the messages they send to men as symbols of success. From Justin Beiber to Dan Bilzerian, Stuart undergoes a painful task of dissecting their accounts and gives us a light and entertaining view of the lay of the land.



Manhood Defined By Mens Magazines

As part of my analysis of modern media we look at the fledgling world of Print media, and in particular the three most popular mens magazines: Mens Health, Esquire and Mens Fitness. Enjoy this light (and enlightening) video that just shows us how absurd and specific the overall themes of these magazines are.