Where The Real Men Are – Pilot Video

After twelve months, countless hours getting up to date with mens’ issues and a considerable investment in our favourite cafes, Kimberley and I are glad to bring you the first glimpses of what a longer-form video of Where The Real Men Are may look like.  Read More

Stuart Cox – Where the real men are

Despite being the founder of the Where the real men are, I’ve not fully divulged where my personal story sits in regard to it. Finally I get around to speaking freely about the origins of this project and what it means to me.

While I’d be happy to one day have someone ask me the tough questions, this time I’ll shoot from the heart in a brief introduction as to who I am and why we’re on this little crusade. Hopefully it gives you some scope as to what we’re all about and you can appreciate and/or join in on what I hope is a lasting and successful adventure.

Thanks for watching and reading, Stuart Cox.

Nash Chase on career, drugs and relationships

In our final instalment we delve into personal aspects of Nash’s life: who influenced his choices, exposure to drugs in the music industry and relationships.

Nash Chase on spirituality, depression and manhood

In part two we discuss with Nash consciousness, spirituality depression and what manhood means to him.

Nash Chase on Māori culture, violence and drinking

We interview popstar, meditation teacher and life coach Nash Chase and get his take on issues facing the modern man. First up we discuss Māori culture, violence and drinking.