Wayne Erickson on alcohol, porn, role-models, fears and failures

Instalment three and we move to Wayne’s world (sorry) of the College male. What influence does alcohol play on social dynamics? How does one try to instil the right values in young men? Enjoy this intimate conversation that opens us up to the world of one working directly in the field.

Wayne Erickson on mens’ sports, homophobia and Old Boys’ clubs

In part two of our three-part interview, Wayne discusses the difficult topics often untouched by most males. Our strongest traditional identifiers as men are changing, so what do we do?

Wayne Erickson on purpose, role models and manhood

Stuart interviews former International rugby referee, administrator and college Principal Wayne Erickson at St Andrew’s College, Sydney.

Dylan Farrell on purpose, porn and failures

No messing about now as the final instalment delves into deeper and more awkward topics we often avoid. Enjoy and look out for our next real man.

Dylan Farrell on risk-taking, individuality, passion and role-models

Continuing on, we probe Dylan on risk-taking, individuality, passion and role-models in part two of this three-part interview.