Dylan Farrell on Aussie males, drugs and alcohol

Renowned designer Dylan Farrell discusses Australian males, drugs and alcohol with Stuart Cox in the first part of his interview. Watch out for parts two and three where we delve into more issues facing men in the modern age.

The woman who led the way for men.

Celia-LashlieCelia Lashlie was an honest and courageous New Zealand woman whose legacy will live on forever in her homeland. A single Mum who went to work in a men’s prison she used her quick wits and cunning to find the way to deal with a sector of society who many believe are beyond help.  Read More

How did men get to this?

Spornosexuals are the new breed of men apparently. Are they chasing a false horizon? Click here to see if you’re one!

The truth of being a man?

Former NFL player Joe Ehrmann hits as hard with words as he did with sport. Recalibrate your view with this.