Steroids and schoolboys


Take a look around and it comes as no surprise. Young guys are on ‘the gear’ and in a big way.

I recently met a young GPS schoolboy on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney who said he could name thirty friends from private schools all taking steroids. Apparently with parents’ consent too, as it’ll help them get ahead in sport. In my view it stems from a poor attitude to combatting drugs in professional sports, especially contact sports. Then again I’ve written about this before well before ASADA inquiries and the Stephen Danks saga. Here you go.

Now we have this report from The Times of South Africa which highlights a situation which has been ignored and appears to be worsening. Then these schoolboys arrested in East Rand, South Africa. Will anyone step up and actually expose the scene here? Unfortunately the kiwis are beating us in the investigation stakes too, not just on the pitch: