The absence of role models in a young boy’s life


Last week Australia inherited a new Prime Minister in Malcolm Turnbull, a self-made man who displays the benefits of some solid single-parenting. Mr Turnbull opened up about the experiences recently on the ABC’c Australian story and the influence his Father had on him throughout his formative years. It’s a side of the politician I had no knowledge of and is refreshing to see when many other public figures abstain from opening up but rather leave us with watered-down, PR-friendly versions of themselves.

In contrast, just this weekend we had an alarming article from The Daily Telegraph which showed how the dire the male role models situation is in our schools. With just 16% of Primary School teachers being male, how are we supposed to preserve an equal influence in the Education system which has been often criticised as being feminised? Where are the boys to get their mentors outside of the home? Ask any man who their best teachers were and they’ll have no trouble recalling the exact names and attributes of their greatest influencers, especially the men.

Teachers are at the very forefront of young men’s dealings whether it be curriculum, social issues or otherwise and The Telegraph correctly highlights the urgency to have strategies in place to bring back men to teaching. Time to get the Education system on board here and make WTRMA the long-term project that opens up new opportunities for men to be role-models again in schools.

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