The Healthy Male

International Men’s Health Week: get your fertility facts

Men are often shocked to discover that difficulties in having a baby could be because of reproductive problems on the male side. International Men’s Health Week (June 11 – 17) is a great time to get informed about the range of factors including environment, lifestyle and age, that can affect a man’s ability to father children. Some things to think about are: being vaccinated against mumps, protecting against sexually transmitted infections, avoiding recreational drugs like anabolic steroids, and protecting against sporting injuries to the testes. General health affects fertility so keeping fit, having a healthy lifestyle and avoiding obesity is wise. Also, fertility in men declines from middle age – so starting your family early is a good idea. Andrology Australia is a member of the Fertility Coalition running Your Fertility, a new campaign that aims to empower Australians who want to have children with information that will help maximize their chances. For International Men’s Health Week, the Your Fertility website features a fun animation in which guys talk about how age affects fertility in both men and women. In addition to the animation, the website ( provides clear and accurate information for men and women about how age and lifestyle affect the ability to conceive and have healthy babies. The Fertility Coalition consists of the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA), Andrology Australia, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health and the Robinson Institute

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