vaughnVaughn Acord
The Men’s style guru to the stars, Vaughn is a true gentleman and warm soul. I had the pleasure of meeting him recently in New York and was able to gather his thoughts on these issues that men face. With experience in music, modelling and styling, he has traversed the rocky terrain of stereotyping over generations and the constraints that these impose on us. Enjoy.


Ian_BrennanIan Brennan
The co-creator of Glee and Scream Queens, Ian is an acclaimed Writer, Director and Actor. Despite his Emmy and Golden Globe success he is incredibly grounded and passionate about the issues affecting young people. Tune-in and see what common themes and issues drive his storytelling.


dylanDylan Farrell
Internationally-acclaimed designer Dylan Farrell is a Brooklyn wildman-made-good. Now based in Sydney at Interior design house Thomas Hamel & Associates, he recently picked up (with Hamel + Farrell) a Best of Year Interior Design award. He will entertain and no doubt have you thinking.


Wayne Erickson
The world’s first fully professional Rugby Union referee, Wayne has had a diverse career and personal life dominated by females. He has been a teacher, Sports Administrator and now is Principal of the prestigious St Andrew’s College at Sydney University. Dealing with young men is part and parcel of his role and this makes his interview intriguing and enlightening.


Andrew Butow
A colourful character in the world of HR, Andrew originally hails from South Africa and talks freely of the issues he faced as a young man in a largely segregated society. A passionate gamer and Parkour enthusiast, he is a pleasure to listen to in his adopted home in Sydney.



NashNash Chase
The once popstar from New Zealnd was one of mnay who migrated to Australia in search of success in the sixties and seventies. An unexpected path lay ahead for Nash as he completely altered his path and became a meditation teacher and life coach to many in Sydney. An extremely relaxed and candid character, Nash is a seasoned veteran in guiding people away from destructive patterns of behaviour. Watch him open up with complete honesty.