The woman who led the way for men.

Celia-LashlieCelia Lashlie was an honest and courageous New Zealand woman whose legacy will live on forever in her homeland. A single Mum who went to work in a men’s prison she used her quick wits and cunning to find the way to deal with a sector of society who many believe are beyond help.¬†

With this experience she went on to become a respected leader in the field of educting adolescent boys, starting ‘The Good Man Project’ which operated throughout 25 schools in New Zealand. Following this she published ‘He’ll be Ok: Growing gorgeous boys into good men’ an international bestseller and books also on the origins of crime and Motherhood.

To get a full appreciation of this incredible woman it is best to sit back and listen to her speak candidly and openly. Attached are two great interviews that are worth every minute.

Celia Lashlie on ABC’s Conversations

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